Amazing results with metal coatings

Metalier supplies its water-based, high performance and flexible metal coatings to applicators internationally and applies decorative metal finishes in New Zealand.

Metalier composite metals are sprayable metal coatings suitable for indoors and outside. They are a cost-effective, durable, beautiful alternative to metallic paint, chrome spray finishes, powder coating, metal paint, chrome paint, sheet metal and Corten steel.

Our metal coatings can be applied to just about any surface, even the unexpected ones.

They offer a seamless metal coating solution that allows a light-weight, real metal finish to be cost-effectively applied over complex surfaces.

Like our other delighted clients, you'll be thrilled at the way you can break existing boundaries when designing ANYTHING with a decorative metal coating.

Metalier metal coatings provide design and product solutions for architects, designers, boat-builders, artists, sign-writers, film production companies, and more.

Metalier metal coatings are available internationally to suitably qualified applicators..